Looking Glass Thermo


-Ordinary sudoku rules apply.

-Thermometer rules apply. Digits must strictly increase along thermometers starting from the bulb end.

-Looking glass rules apply. Each digit (1-9) has a “buddy” that appears in all of the cells where the row and column indices are swapped. For example, if 1’s are buddies with 4’s and there is a 1 in r5c2, then there must be a 4 in r2c5. Ones being buddies with fours implies that fours are buddies with ones. It’s possible for a number to be it’s own buddy. Figuring out the buddies is part of the puzzle.

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Cam Dennis
Cam Dennis
Soft Condensed Matter Physics PhD Student

My research interests include glasses, soft condensed matter, jamming, simulations, and biophysics